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Introduction p 2,3 Jaw and Spider Coupling p 24
Rigid Couplings p 3-8 Splined Rubber Coupling p 25
Rigid Coupling Types p 4 Elastomeric Coupling p 26
Compression Type Couplings p 4,5 Pin and Disc Connector p 26,27
Ribbed Type Coupling p 5,6 Pin and Rubber Bushing Coupling p 28
Flanged Face Type Coupling p 6,7 Pin and Biscuit Coupling p 29
Threaded Rigid Type Coupling p 7,8 Flexible Metal Disc Coupling p 29,30
Flexible Couplings p 8-31 Steel Grid Coupling p 31,32
Types of Misalignment p 9-11 Universal Joint Type p 32-34
Mechanical Flexible Types p 12-20 Single Universal Joint p 33
Jaw and Slider Coupling p 12,13 Double Universal Joint p 34
Chain Coupling p 13-17 Centrifugal Coupling p 35-37
Roller Chain Coupling p 15 Fluid Coupling p 36-40
Silent Chain coupling p 16 Dry Fluid Coupling p 41,42
Synthetic Chain coupling p 16,17 Centrifugal Brake Shoe p 42,43
Gear Couplings p 18,19 Shear Pin Coupling p 43,44
Material Flexible Types p 20-31 Floating Shaft Coupling p 44,45
Rubber Tire Coupling p 21-23 Spacer Coupling p 46


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