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Metric Conversion p 534,535 Shaft Center Drill Sizes p 548
Chord Chart p 536 Drill Point Angles p 549
Inch to Millimetres p 537-538 Drill Speeds and Feeds p 550
PSI to Kilopascals p 540-541 Reaming Speeds p 551
Horsepower to Kilowatts p 542 Steel Classification p 551
Bolting Torque p 542-543 Steel Spark Test p 552
Key and Shaft Sizes p 544 Cutting Speeds p 552-559
Key Set Screw Sizes p 545 Drill Sizes p 560-566
Key Seat Sizes p 545 Thread Types p 568-573
Shaft Diameter Sizes p 546 Tap Drill Sizes p 567
Shafting Expansion p 547 Metric Bolts p 574


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